The Earth is on Fire! Metaphorically and Literally.

Metaphorically speaking...

Around the world, protests are erupting over continued COVID-19 restrictions being mandated in response to the new Delta variant. In countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, and Thailand anti-lockdown protesters are taking to the streets, despite demonstrations like this being banned as part of anti-coronavirus measures. In response to the rallies, police officers are detaining the protesters, and in more violent gatherings, tear gas is being deployed.

While being detained, a 49-year-old protester complained about a tingling running through his arm and chest. Officers attempted first-aid before taking him to an ambulance, where he died shortly later. No information on the cause of death has been released, as it is still being looked into by authorities. A German journalist was also injured in the same protest, along with an unknown number of other participants.

In France, thousands are taking to the streets over the new mandate by President Macron that makes it mandatory to either get a vaccine or to be tested before enjoying day-to-day activities such as, eating in a restaurant, getting a drink at a cafe, and using public transport. Protesters state that the mandate is a major violation of civil liberties and is even the death of freedom itself. Despite this outrage, polls show that the majority of France's citizens are in favor of the Health Pass.

In Greece police are clashing with rioters over the vaccine recently being made mandatory. On July 24th more than 4000 people gathered outside of Greek Parliament for the third time of the month. Some of the protesters threw homemade bombs at the police who responded with tear gas.

Sources: EuroNews , Aljazeera , Reuters


Literally too...

Not so long ago many American states were plagued with horrible air quality as a result of several wildfires in California and near the Canadian border. Luckily, for most of the country breathing is possible again. Of course, all that is no news to you, dearest readers as I'm sure you've seen a few memes here and there about it. What may be news to you however, is that somewhere between 0.1% - 98% of the planet is currently on fire.

Image sourced from the Nasa (F)ire (I)nformation for (R)esource (M)anagement (S)ystem

Currently, the largest of these fires are raging through the Amazon Rain Forest, Russia, Madagascar (Rest In Peace, Alex The Lion), and Southern Africa. Smaller pockets of fire can also be found in a majority of European countries, mainly in Ukraine and Italy. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do on an individual level, but we definitely owe firefighters across the world a huge thank you and good luck wishes, especially the 54% of them that are volunteers.

This may seem like a terrible once-in-a-lifetime disaster, but in reality, wildfires like these are much more common than you think - in recent years, at least.

Although these last few years seem to have a slight decline, they still had considerably more fires than the infant years of humanity as a species. All I can ask now is; What is the cause of this rise in global inflammation? Is there something causing the world to get hotter and drier? Or is it some sort of cruel divine intervention? We here at the Nathan Dauthor research team honestly have no idea what's causing wildfires to become more common and destructive. We just know that it's a problem - hopefully not ours - that someone has to sort out sooner than later.

^click image for source^


Before you go...

How do you feel about the COVID-19 restrictions? Are they too far or are they justified due to the magnitude of the health crisis? Will you be getting the vaccine? Leave a comment down below telling us what you think!

If you know anyone who is or has ever been a firefighter make sure to give them a big thank you, they really deserve it; and to those of you who are currently firefighters, THANK YOU!


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