SPB | Sentient Piss Bag | Part One



I don't have much time I think it knows where I am. Please forward this message to as many people as possible.

As you all know my name is Rost'd. Earlier this week for SPOTD I featured a photograph of a bag of piss found in the back of a classroom. After that post I forgot about the bag and went on with my normal day, everything was perfectly fine and normal . . , until the next day.........

The bag of piss was gone and replaced with another bag this time containing piss, kidney stones, and chunks of presumably some strand of human feces. I tried my best to forget about it but I couldn't the thought that it could be anywhere terrified me, but the thought alone wasn't the most terrifying part of that day. It was time for my free block, a time where I usually go into my computer class and work super hard on my coding projects when I noticed something... scary. The bag of piss was in the back of the room by the 3D printers. This sight terrified me and caused me to fall into a momentary state of psychosis, the effects of which I am still suffering.

Once school was over that day I instantly rushed home and to my computer in desperate search of answers. I got distracted and played "Apex Legends", "Battlefront 2 (2017)", and "Blade & Sorcery" all day until work, after which I was kidnapped and then returned home safely just hours later (Luckily it was friday so I got to sleep in the next day!!) That same night I dreamt of the bag, that fucking Bag of Piss transcended my conscious fears into my deep subconscious mind just so it could haunt me more. It was most definitely the worst thing to happen to me that night. That morning I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom and you won't fucking believe what happened. I... had to... PISS. That fucking bag of piss somehow made it so I had to pee. I decided to look into the bag of piss and found multiple images of bags full of piss on the internet. I am assigning members of Nathan Mazzapica News to commence a deeper investigation to determine whether or not the bag of piss in my classroom was a standalone instance, or part of a deeper issue. If you happen to come across a bag of piss, stomp on it immediately.

If more events happen, and I survive to do so, I will update you guys. Please stay safe.

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